Chapter 5 Page 19
Posted March 19, 2019 at 12:00 am

page 19 on the 19th heyoooo

ECCC WAS AMAZING!!! Thank you to all the lovely fans who came and said hi, thank you to the potentially new readers who picked up a bookmark at the Hiveworks table. Thank you to Meg and Isa of Namesake, Ellen of Parisa, Diana of Wonderlust, Mary of Sleepless Domain, and Kisai, best table buddies anyone could ask for.

And a special thank you to the two fans who gifted me fanart this weekend, I am beyond humbled and flattered that my story inspired you. That's one of the main reasons I keep creating, I love how sparks bounce off people and there's no end to the joy they can bring to each other. From the bottom of my heart, thank you <3

Now for the tricky stuff. Alice and the Nightmare is gonna be updating once a week for the next 3 weeks!! Simply put, I need a vacation. No haituses here, just giving myself a little time to rest and build my buffer back up after a very intense month long grind. So next update will be Tuesday the 26th!!

Thank you for reading, for your patience, and as always if you want bonus content, early updates, and cute stickers, please help support the comic on Patreon!

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