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How can I help support this comic?
Lots of ways! You can donate to my Patreon while also getting some cool rewards each month like wallpapers, sketchbooks, and sneak peeks at finished and sketched future pages. If you have adblocker, turning it off for this site helps a lot, too, since my revunue comes from ads, and by helping me pay for food and other expenses you help keep the comic going! But the simplest way is to spread the word about the comic, tell your friends, espeically if they enjoy Alice in Wonderland stuff, I'm sure they'll enjoy this webcomic! Thanks!

What tools do you use?
Photoshop CS6 and a combination of brushes a friend gave me, these nice ink brushes, and this lovely pixel brush by Emmy Cicierega!

Who built your site?
Erin Burt from Hiveworks, I gave her a PSD file with the design and she brought it to life! I can't code to save my life so for that I'm super grateful!

Can I cosplay so-and-so??
YES ABSOLUTELY!!!! Just please send me pictures I'd love to see! Same goes for fanart!!

I want to read the first version! Where can I read it online?
The first run of Alice and the Nightmare is not available online, and probably won't be for a very long time, if at all. As I'm writing this now, we're a good ways through chapter one and I'd rather not this story live in the shadow of the previous one.

I didn't read the first run, will that impact my understanding of this story at all?
Absolutely not. The original run only contained chapter one and a tiny bit of chapter two, so there really is nothing to spoil. You're gonna be fine, kiddo.

Does that mean the current version has a whole new mythos?
Yep. Honestly it's best to forget about the old version, because the only thing that still applies is the order that the Suits are ranked in, which is Spade, Heart, Club, and Diamond. Everything else is new.

Will we see so-and-so from the old version again?
We'll just have to see, now won't we.

Why is Alice skinny in Chapter One and fat in every other chapter??????
Because when I started the comic I wasn't used to drawing plus sized people, but I got better. She was always meant to be a chubby character. Chapter One is going to be edited to reflect that for the books, and for the site as well.

Will there be other edits?
Yeah, cleaning up panels, changing some magic terms to make the comic better, so on and so forth



More Extras coming soon!!

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