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How can I help support this comic?
Lots of ways! You can pledge to my Patreon while also getting some cool rewards, like a whole backlog of wallpapers and bonus stuff, WIP previews, and even some spicy ships and pinups if you're in the 18+ crowd! If you have adblocker, turning it off for this site helps a lot, too, since my revenue comes from ads, and by helping me pay for food and other expenses you help keep the comic going! But the simplest way is to spread the word about the comic, tell your friends, especially if they enjoy Alice in Wonderland stuff, I'm sure they'll enjoy this webcomic! Thanks!

What tools do you use?
I sketch on paper, ink and flat in Clip Studio Paint, and finish coloring in Photoshop CS6. For brushes I use a lot, mostly these nice ink brushes, and this lovely pixel brush by Emmy Cicierega!

Who built your site?
Erin Burt from Hiveworks, I gave her a PSD file with the design and she brought it to life! I can't code to save my life so for that I'm super grateful!

Can I cosplay so-and-so??
YES ABSOLUTELY!!!! Just please send me pictures I'd love to see! Same goes for fanart!!

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