C2E2 2022!
Posted August 5, 2022 at 12:00 am

Hey! If you're in the chicago area and going to the chicago comic and entertainment expo, come drop by and see me at artist alley table S11!!! I'll be with Ayme of ClawShot! and Undivine!!! I'll have Alice books, charms, stickers, pins, and some GORGEOUS prints!!

Also, note, I don't usually do this on my comic site, but the Rise of the TMNT movie is out on Netflix today. The show crashed into my life two years ago and single-handedly revived my love for animation and wanting to MAKE COOL THINGS!! It's fun! It's kinetic! It's got good writing! If you have Netflix I highly recommend it!

Ok that's all from me, you can read early updates on Patreon!

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