Chapter 9 Page 57
Posted November 29, 2022 at 12:00 am

aaaand THAT'S CHAPTER 9, EVERYONE!! WOOO!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR READING!! What happens now? We go on to chapter 10! BUT!! After I take a well deserved break. So! Alice updates will return some time in January! Holiday update will still be up in December, and unfortunately there won't be any patron character questions this round, life happens and I wasn't able to fit them in my schedule.

So! In the meantime, I'll be posting WIPs, early pages of chapter 10, and other comics on Patreon!  So stay tuned there for more info~

Hey did you know there's an Alice and the Nightmare discord server?? Wild! You can join here!

One more thing! I've started a little romance/gag comic series called Eldritch Darling! You can read on webtoons and on twitter and instagram (both are @mishacak3s)

Thank you so SO SO MUCH for reading, thank you for enjoying my comic! This beast is such a huge labor of love, and I'm really blessed people enjoy it!! See you soon!

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