Chapter Six Cover
Posted October 22, 2019 at 12:00 am


If you can't wait to start this chapter, A WHOLE 5 PAGES OF EARLY UPDATES ARE AVAILABLE ON PATREON!!! and will keep updating with two new pages every week! Along with a buuuunch of new spicy 18+ content (Mabel and Ada pinups, Alice/Edith fun, Alice halloween pinup, and sketches, oh my!!). And a mail club postcard of this print, and a fun Cheshire sticker. A lot's been happening.

After a lot of consideration, January 2020 I'll be discontinuing Mail Club for the time being, as I am only one person and it's proven to be difficult to keep on top of. So! If you want the last few months of prints and stickers, they're available on Patreon!

Thanks so much for reading, for supporting, and I hope you're looking forward to this chapter as much as I am :)

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