Gag strip: Coming in!
Posted September 14, 2021 at 12:00 am

Y'all. Dragoncon was SO FUN! Thanks to those who stopped by! I was suitably exhausted when I got home, but ayyy I'm BACK AND ENERGIZED TO MAKE THINGS BABEYYYY

Pages will hopefully be back next week! In the meantime, shenanigans! (quote is from Brooklyn 99)

Support the comic on Patreon for early updates and extras! Including this teethy Alice pinup ;3c Realtalk tho we're very on our way to reaching the full time goal on Patreon! Which is! Insane!! and it would mean the world to me if we were able to reach it so I could make this my full time job! and the schedule would change to 3 updates a week!

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